Russian fans disappointed Vadim Nemkov

Russian fans disappointed Vadim Nemkov

Reigning Bellator light heavyweight champion Vadim Nemkov, who successfully defended his title against Yoel Romero at Bellator 297 in Chicago last weekend, is unhappy with how Russian fans supported him in this fight.

“I read the comments before the fight – it seems that in our country the majority rooted for Romero,” Nemkov said in an interview with the channel “Ushatayka”. “As they wrote, they dreamed that the old man would become a champion. To be honest, I do not pay attention to this and do not want to answer them. Fools write some nonsense

More than the behavior of domestic fans, the Russian was surprised by the steadfastness of the Cuban, who missed a huge number of blows, but survived until the final siren, losing the fight by unanimous decision.

“Who watched the fight, it was clear that the blows were strong, accentuated, specific, and why he didn’t fall, I don’t know. You can see he has a very strong head. I beat five rounds, invested in each blow – now my fists hurt, my elbows hurt. Fists are just in shock. There were many nailing blows to the chin – I don’t know how he resisted. Probably because of this, I lost a little in the fifth round, because you stop believing in your blow – you hit, hit, and he goes, he doesn’t care. Simply indestructible”

Nemkov also answered the question of whether he plans to change the weight category and move to heavyweight.

“Now I’ll come home, take tests, and decide. Everything can be. Each race is getting harder and because of the races, some problems have already begun. ”