Roy Jones will fight a bodybuilder. But don’t worry, he’s not risking anything.


Boxing legend American Roy Jones Jr will fight with YouTuber-bodybuilder NDO Champ. The event will take place on April 22 at Galaxy Arena virtual reality metaverseknown for “groundbreaking 3D motion capture technology.”

In other words, nothing threatens the health of the 54-year-old legend – we are talking about a virtual duel.

The announcement of the event and the details of the “battle” are promised to be announced tomorrow at a press conference to be held in Chicago (USA). This fight has been talked about since the fall of last year.

NDO Champ – American of Liberian origin. Real name – Robert Wilmot. He served time for possession of drugs, after which he decided to change his life and took up bodybuilding.

Due to lack of funds, he combined sports with work. Hence his nickname – “champion without days off.” He has a huge number of followers YouTube and Instagram.

Previously, Jones voiced his version of the top 5 best boxers of all time. And then he suddenly admitted that “I would like to fight Beterbiev …”