Roy Jones is a bad coach? Shane McGuigan’s opinion


Top British coach Shane McGuigan believes that the popular ex-challenger compatriot Chris Eubank Jr. (32-3, 23 KOs) would be nice to get away from the legendary American Roy Jones Jr.

opinion McGuigan, “Eubank is more comfortable boxing the way he did before Roy. That is, he needs to combine, and not arrange this fuss. People say he didn’t take the Liam Smith fight very seriously, didn’t give it his all either in the gym or in sparring. Apparently, he was sure of an easy victory. Why did he lose early? It seemed to me that his weight cut for the failed fight with Conor Benn exhausted him greatly. He lost muscle mass. And getting back into shape at 33 is harder than when you’re 21. But I wouldn’t want to justify Eubank and underestimate Smith’s performance. Liam is a good guy. Shocked, got it. He did everything clearly.”

McGuigan believes that “Jones’ Eubank is not the same fighter who fought George Groves and others. He needs to get back to what he did best. And yes, we should probably get rid of Jones. Roy is one of my favorite fighters, but Eubank doesn’t want what Jones gives him. He needs hard punches and strong defense. He needs to act like he did against Gary O’Sullivan or Nick Blackwell. There he combined He didn’t miss, didn’t fall for blows, didn’t miss at the exit from the clinch. He was extremely collected. That’s all he needs to return.”

Meanwhile, Roy Jones is preparing for a fight with a bodybuilder. But don’t worry, he’s not risking anything. We heard how the legend commented on the defeat of the ward: “And I told him …”