Roy Jones: I want Eubank to meet Golovkin


Boxing legend American Roy Jones Jr. is also trying to prove himself as a coach – he is collaborating with the popular British middleweight and ex-contender Chris Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs).

In January, they have a difficult task – a fight with the former champion of the lower division, Briton Liam Smith. Jones for some reason already
stares behind him. And not only to him: “I would like Chris to fight Gennady Golovkin after Smith. Firstly, this is a very eminent fighter. Secondly, he has not one but two titles (WBA Super / IBF). And after Chris beats Golovkin, he will fight with Kell Brook – he will defend the titles. That will be even better. But I remember that tasks need to be solved as they come. So Smith first.”

Jones knows how Eubank can beat an older Golovkin. Or at least he says he knows: “To do this, he needs to put his old version and the new one together. I see that he is close to it. It is on how successful this transformation will be that it depends on whether he can beat Golovkin or not. This is what is the determining factor. And that’s the reason why we need a fight with Brook next – he will help polish all these things. And after that, Chris will be able to beat anyone.”

“Anyone” from the lips of Jones is, of course, the Mexican Canelo Alvarez. Yes, Jones also remembered him: “Canelo vs Eubank is a great fight, because they are both very famous and eminent. Canelo would have his advantages – in striking power, in size. But Chris is a fighter who is great at adapting to his opponents. Therefore, this is a very competitive fight, very beautiful. And Eubank has an excellent chance of winning in it.”

Chris mentioned GGG himself the other day. He says that in 2023 he will seek a fight with Golovkin. In November, promoter Eddie Hearn put Eubank on a list of potential rivals for Alvarez: Who if not Bivol or “Plan B” for Canelo: 5 names named.