Roy Jones: “Don’t let Usyk and Fury ruin the fight”


The legendary Roy Jones Jr talked about boxing’s biggest problem – too often fans don’t get what they want, which is fights between the strongest boxers in the world.

First of all, Jones
worries the situation around the organization of the fight for the title of absolute world champion in welterweight and heavyweight: “Why hasn’t the fight between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford taken place yet? Honestly? I dont know. All this is strange. And you know what I’m afraid of in this situation? I am afraid that if these two are not careful, then someone may well throw them off their pedestal. You remember that’s how we lost the heavyweight title fight between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua. And all why? And all because he was dragged out for too long.

Jones fears that “if we’re not careful, we could lose the heavyweight title fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury as well. After all, if there are two leaders in the division, then you need to find out which of them is No. 1 and which is No. 2. Come on, dudes. You owe this fight to the fans. Don’t let this fight be ruined.”

The other day, indeed, a solid obstacle appeared on the way to the organization of the Usyk vs Fury fight. We even made out why everything is so serious.

“The thing is, boxing is different than football or basketball. There, the best meet the best to determine the strongest. And in boxing, a fighter always has a choice. The champion can give the fans what they want. But maybe not. Yes, this is wrong. This is madness. But we can’t influence it,” the legend complains.

Jones believes that in a pair of Spence vs Crawford, the problem is not Terence: “I know for sure that Crawford wanted to fight. I know because he even came to me for advice. And the problem is that the other side is not just Spence. There are also people behind him. And he can’t go against their will. He cannot go against his people, his team. This fight has already taken place several times. I think that when there are two leaders in boxing, they are obliged to determine which of them is No. 1.

Meanwhile, Deontay’s coach turned to Alexander: Usyk, don’t wait for Fury, fight Wilder. And Joe Joyce’s coach believes that he has found the key to defeating the Ukrainian. Here he is.