Robert Whittaker called the main danger Drikus Du Plessis

Robert Whittaker called the main danger Drikus Du Plessis

Former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, who is due to fight Drykus Du Plessis this weekend, explained why he considers the South African the most dangerous opponent of his career.

“I don’t understand those who underestimate their rivals,” said the Australian, answering journalists’ questions. “We are in a fighting game, in the best organization in the world with the strongest fighters in the world. If you don’t believe that any of the guys in the division can blow your head off, you’re just a fool.”

“Drikus is the kind of guy who will run you over if you underestimate them. He came so close to defeat so many times, but somehow pulled out a victory – this is his most frightening quality. Definitely the most dangerous opponent at the moment, primarily because he is unpredictable.”

“I understand the danger he poses. Not only because he is a versatile and physically very strong fighter. He has nothing to lose – everyone has already written him off. He is the underdog in this fight. Name me someone more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose and who can only gain.”

Recall that the middleweight contender fight between Robert Whittaker and Drykus Du Plessis will be the third most important event of the UFC 290 tournament, which will be held July 8 in Las Vegas.