Robert Whittaker: Adesanya looked vulnerable against Vettori. If Marvin hit, then I can even more so “

UFC middleweight contender Robert Whittaker was unimpressed by division champion Israel Adesanya’s performance in a rematch with Marvin Vettori.

“It was a good fight, but this time he looked like he could be beaten,” Whittaker told The MMA Hour. – That’s when he fought with Kosta, then there was nothing to complain about. Impeccable performance. And this time he looked defeated. He is a good fighter, even a great fighter. I respect his skills, many underestimate his quality – to do exactly what is needed to win. Few people can do this, ego interferes with someone … And he does what is necessary, even if it sometimes looks boring. But I remember exactly how I felt after his fight with Marvin: “I can beat him.” Marvin brought punches to him, and I’m much stronger than Marvin as a striker. And my takedown timing is stronger than Martin’s. I’m sure I can beat him [Адесаньи]”.

Adesanya and Whittaker will fight on February 12 at UFC 271 in Houston. In the first fight in October 2019, the Nigerian knocked out Whittaker in the second round.