Robert Whittaker accepts Khamzat Chimaev’s offer to train: ‘We can hunt bad guys together’


Robert Whittaker feels that he and Khamzat Chimaev could be a potential dynamic duo.

Following his dominant first-round submission win over Kevin Holland at UFC 279, Chimaev was asked about his thoughts on a potential fight with Whittaker if he were to move up to middleweight. “Borz,” said that he liked Whittaker, would rather train with him than compete against him. This is mainly because Whittaker hasn’t made any negative comments about him and Chimaev believes has said trash about him.

In an interview with RJ Clifford and Din Thomas for Sirius XM, Whittaker said he would gladly train with the undefeated fighter, and that they could possibly change some things in the process.

“I listened to what Khamzat had to say about wanting bad men and I agree with that,” Whittaker stated. Whittaker said, “If he wishes to train with me, we could train together to hunt down bad guys.”

” I think it will have a lot fun and can run a mauck on many people .”

Chimaev was the talk of UFC 279 fight week for his role in a backstage ruckus that led to the cancellation of the event’s pre-fight press conference, then badly missed weight by 7. 5 pounds for his scheduled main event with Nate Diaz which forced the UFC to shuffle the top-three fights around.

Whittaker just came off a remarkable performance in his unanimous win against Marvin Vettori at the UFC Paris co-maine event earlier in the month. He is now hoping to fight the winner of UFC 281 the title fight between Israel Adesanya, who has won two over Whittkaer and Alex Pereira.

When asked who he would like to see Chimaev face should his next fight be at 185, Whittaker had a couple of names in mind.

“It’s hard, but I think stylistically he handles a lot of the guys in the division,” Whittaker explained. “I would actually love to see Chimaev fight Pereira. He deserves a fight like that. I believe it’s an excellent fight and Pereira will be able to show the world what he can do.

“I’d like to see Chimaev fight Israel, just because, stylistically, there are so many different variables in play that it makes it interesting for me. Plus, I’ll be able to sic my new friend Chimaev on two guys that I want to beat up.”