Rizin 40 Video: Yuki Motoya dismantles Rogerio Bontorin, ex-UFC fighter with devastating knee strike knockout


Yukimotoya defeated Rogerio Bontorin, an ex-UFC fighter. Their fight ended in round two at Rizin 40.

After a round in which the bantamweights were fighting for position and with the referee trying to separate them on several occasions, Motoya chose a new strategy. He started attacking from the outside to take advantage of his reach.

That’s when Motoya unleashed a kick to the body that landed clean because Bontorin reacted immediately as he attempted to go for a takedown to give himself some time to recover. This strategy proved to be a disaster as Motoya launched a knee strike up the middle of Bontorin’s body and Bontorin flew backwards due to the impact of the hit.

As he fell to the ground Bontorin was out, but Motoya continued with some punches before the referee intervened and stopped the fight.

Motoya won the knockout with his fifth straight win. Bontorin continues to struggle, falling to 0 -4. He lost three times in UFC.

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2022/12/31/23533286/rizin-40-video-yuki-motoya-demolishes-ex-ufc-fighter-rogerio-bontorin-devastating-knee-knockout?rand=96749