“Remember what Chisora ​​did to Usyk.” Arum spoke about a nightmare – he is so worried about Fury


American co-promoter of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) Bob Arum defends the choice of his British client veteran gatekeeper Derek Chisor (33-12, 23 KOs). Fury has fought him twice already, and twice he easily managed. They have a new date on December 3rd.

The functionary recalled how Chisora ​​gave Usyk problems in 2020, and cited this as an excuse that Fury did a great job of choosing Derek as an opponent eight years after he scored him after 10 one-sided rounds.

“I have a few thoughts on this,” Arum said.
boxing scene. “Here, people say, ‘Well, Tyson beat Chisora ​​twice. But I say: look what Chisora ​​did with Usyk: that fight was uncompromising until Usyk could hardly pull him out. And then when Usyk was supposed to fight Joshua, people were like, “Well, he has no chance, remember how he was with Chisora.” But, as you saw, Usyk twice handled Joshua much easier than Chisora.”

Arum, 90, then told the story of the late Tommy Morrison’s KO loss in the 1st round.
Michael Bentt (10-1, 5 KOs) in October 1993 to emphasize that everyone has a chance.

Tommy Morrison – born to be great and died in oblivion

“Secondly, I wake up here after nightmares, with all due respect to Tyson, whom I love very much. I’ll explain why. Many years ago, Morrison took the WBO heavyweight title against Foreman and was scheduled to face Lewis in a unification fight for then record fees. His manager said, “Hey, give Tommy some kind of warm-up fight to get him ready for Lennox.” So we did in his native Oklahoma. The gong sounded, Tommy crossed the ring and started lashing out at Bentt like crazy. And he waved his right hand and knocked Tommy off his feet. That was the end of the story with the $10 million fight against Lewis. That’s boxing. Every time you take your fighter against a heavyweight hitter, you have to pray a lot that something like this doesn’t happen all of a sudden. So, although I have complete faith in Tyson, the best pound fighter, I will be nervous before this fight, ”said Arum.

(Morrison did face Lewis a couple of years later, and blew in by TKO in the 6th round.)

Chisora ​​hesitated for a long time, but eventually spoke about Tyson’s “sneaky” in their first fight. Earlier, Fury shouted insulting Chisora, who sent neighbors and Tottenham.