“Ready for anything!” Crawford after an early victory at Avanesyan


On the night of December 10-11, the WBO welterweight world champion (up to 66.7 kg) American Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) successfully defended his title, knocking out David Avanesyan (29 -4-1, 17 KOs).

After the fight, Terence gave
interview for Michelle Jo Phelps. In a conversation, Crawford spoke about his feelings after the victory, answered a question about further cooperation with promoters and in every possible way avoided answering questions about the fight for the title of absolute division champion against three-title American Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs).

Terence, congratulations. It was a killer knockout in the sixth round. How are you feeling? You must be delighted?

– I feel great. I’m glad to be back in the ring. And most importantly, I’m glad that everyone left the ring safe.

– Explain to me, at the press conference you said that this could potentially be the last fight in Omaha. What did you mean by that?

“It was hard for me to insist on a fight in Omaha after the last fight. I just think at a certain time you have to keep growing. And a lot of people don’t want to fight in my hometown. When you start fighting these big fights, no man’s land is the best thing for both sides.

You are a free agent. Is the plan to stay that way, or if the money is right, would you consider working with a promotion company?

Well, if it makes sense for me and my career to get a promotional deal, then it will. If not, we’ll just be doing one-fight deals with promoters and hopefully they’ll give us the opportunity to fight the big fights that everyone wants to see.

In London, you told me that if you can’t get a fight with Erol Spence, then you will go up to 69.9 kg and fight Charlo. Much has been said between you on the net. It looks like he doesn’t have much interest in taking this fight now. What are you going to do now, who are you considering as a plan B?

– I do not know. I need to talk to my team, discuss this and decide what makes the most sense for Terrence Crawford in his career.

“There must be someone. Come on, Terence. I know that you tried to organize a fight with Spence, but you didn’t get it. This is very frustrating. This is what we as fans want to see. By the way, did you see what happened to him today? He got into another car accident. God must be saving him all the time. I want to say that this is a fight that everyone wants to see.

“Like I said, it’s the same as with this fight. The contract is stuck on my desk. And there was an opportunity for me to fight at home, to show my talent. It’s not the fight we were asking for or looking for, but it just happened. So be it. He was number six in the ratings. The fight happened. Now we are looking for big fights. And as I said, let’s hope we get them in the future.

– And lastly, who will be the plan B? Who makes you get out of bed? Who really motivates you? Who will be the fighter for your legacy?

“Any fight will not find me sleeping. I have to be 100% ready for each and every opponent. As already said, I am ready and able to fight with anyone.

— Thank you for your time. Are you going to celebrate?

– Of course.

Well then enjoy the evening with your family and friends.

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