Rafael Fiziev: “The knee injury changed my style for the better. Now I can both shove ahead and wait.”

UFC lightweight number 11 Rafael Fiziev, in an interview with Sport-Express, told how, thanks to a knee injury, he made his style more diverse.

– After all, there was a time that you didn’t kick your feet for almost two years due to a ligament injury.

“That injury changed everything. I’m sure it was a big plus in my career. I started working differently. Before, before this injury, I was just an aggressive fighter who can go forward and throw forward, hit hard and hard. Always go ahead. After the injury, it became a little dangerous to go forward, because I constantly load my leg, and it was unstable with me, it could click at any moment. Therefore, I began to work as the second number, on counterattacks, to go more back, to retreat, to move – all these moments. Now I can alternate. I can cut in and go forward, like with Bobby Green, or I can work like with Riddell, pull out more, wait. I can change like this several times in a round. I can work aggressively, I can wait. For my opponent it will be a very unpleasant surprise.

On February 19, Fiziev will fight against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas.