Rafael Fiziev: “I’ll take the heart of Justin Gaethje”

Rafael Fiziev:

The sixth number of the UFC lightweight rating, Rafael Fiziev, shared his expectations from the upcoming fight against Justin Gaethje, who occupies the third position in the division.

“I expect to see the best version of Justin Gaethje in front of me,” Ataman told reporters in London. “I expect him to be at his best, give a tough bloody fight, but I’m going to do my job and take his heart.”

“He doesn’t have a strong head like me, so yes, he will have to fight me, I’m sure. He has a good fight, he just doesn’t like to show it and prefers to fight on the stand, but this time he will have to fight, and if he does, it’s even better for me. I’ll do what I have to and show him a real ‘highlight’. I’m sure I’m superior to him in skill level and fighting IQ.”

Fiziev also answered the question of whether he believes that a victory in the upcoming fight will allow him to count on a title chance and a fight with the reigning division champion Islam Makhachev.

“If I beat him, I deserve a title shot, but the decision is up to the UFC and if they decide to give the winner of the Oliveira-Darios fight a title shot, no problem. Dariush deserves to fight for the title more than anyone else in the division. If they call me the next contender for the title, great. I will be happy”

Recall that the lightweight fight between Justin Gaethje and Rafael Fiziev will be the second most important event of the UFC 286 tournament, which will be held on March 18 in London.