Rafael Fisieff has pledged to fight Mateusz Gamrot

Fans of Rafael Fisiev may not worry about Mateusz Gamrot imposing his tactics on “Ataman” and reducing the fight with the striking striker to a stand-up confrontation.

“He’s just going to fight, fight, and fight again,” MMA Fighting quoted Fisiev as saying. “Yes, he has some early wins, by technical knockout and something else. He fights a lot, presses a lot, and I want to test myself if I’m ready for this style or not.”

“The wrestler goes forward and the puncher wants to stay in the center. That’s all it is. If he can move me, I’ll be ready to get up. If he can move me 200 times, I’ll be ready to get up 201. He’s a fighter and styles make fights – that’s why I agreed to this fight. It’s a good fight because he’s going to press and I have to stop him. That’s why we’ll have 25 minutes to do it.”

Recall that the lightweight fight between Rafael Fisieff and Mateusz Gamrot will be the main event of UFC Fight Night 228, which starts in a few hours in Las Vegas.