Prograis: Spence – Crawford? Are you aware that I fought one of them?”


Ex-world champion American Regis Prograis (27-1, 23 KOs) shared his opinion about a potential fight between two reigning compatriot champions – welterweights Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) and Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs). Earlier there were rumors that they would fight in November and determine the absolute and, perhaps, the leader of the P4P rating.

Prograis even
remembered about how he fought with Spence in amateurs: “Yes, I know one and the other well. Dude, I’m just like everyone else. I also want to see them face to face. I don’t think this kind of stuff should be marinated anymore. After all, it often happens that you overdo the fight in the marinade. Anything can happen, you know. The fight nearly fell apart anyway when Spence got into that horrific accident.”

Prograis claims that “Spence is 100% healthy.” Forecast? Look, there are a lot of subtle points here. Are you aware that southpaws hate boxing southpaws? Although, it would be more accurate to say that everyone hates boxing with southpaws. And Crawford knows how to box left-handed. That is why this is a very interesting fight. I would say a historic fight. And I’m cool in the history of boxing. I know still from the time
Joe GansaJoe Louis and
Henry Armstrong“.

“They are both very good. I fought Spence twice as an amateur, – says the ex-champion. – I know that he is not only good, but also very strong physically. I felt it. We fought in a tournament Golden gloves. He was already a seasoned fighter, a three-time champion. And for me it was all for the first time. I started boxing late. Somewhere around the age of 17. The coach was still worried that he would drop me. He knocked out everyone during the tournament. And I’m like: “Ha! What are you doing? Yes, I don’t care who he is! Even Mike Tyson!” It was a competitive fight. And after the fight, he told me that I was better, although the victory was given to him. The second time he won cleanly, without question.”

“I want to see how Spence will look against Crawford. After all, Terence is a special fighter. Although… They are both special. But Crawford is very technical. The level is space. But for Spence, it’s his native weight. And he is physically stronger. I’m not sure that Terence can compete with him in this component. I don’t know for sure. I mean, there are a lot of questions here. That’s why I want to see this fight. Willing to pay any money to be there. The main thing is that at that moment I should not be in the camp, not preparing for battle. I’m always willing to pay for really good fights,” says Prograis.

Last month, a columnist reported that the Spence-Crawford fight was on the brink of collapse. And ex-rival Terence and Errol Sean Porter discussed whether Crawford would box with Spence in the left-handed stance.