Prograis’ reaction to the Ramirez-Commey fight. Beware of obscene language!


American WBC super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (28-1, 24 KOs) reacted to the news that his mandatory challenger compatriot Jose Ramirez (27-1, 17 KOs) refused a title attempt for the sake of (moderately) an intermediate fight with Richard Kommi (30-4-1, 27 KOs) from Ghana.

Apparently Prograis is very
dissatisfied: “He f*cked me in the face that he was not going to fight him. But even then I knew that the fight with Commi would take place in March. You already had this fight ready. Dude, didn’t you tell me to my face that you wanted to fight me while you were negotiating with Commey behind my back? So how were you going to fight me? You told me, “No, I don’t fight Commie. It’s just in Top Rank they want me to fight him. But I’m against it.” You told me: “Don’t believe everything they write about.” And now I see that your fight has already been officially announced … “

“How did I react to this? The Prograis kicked in. – I realized that you, bro, are a piece of shit. You avoided me for five years. And now, when I have a title, when I became a two-time world champion, you continue to hide again. It’s clear you don’t want to fight. After all, you understand that I will flog your pussy ass. What else did you say? That I didn’t offer you good terms? You know? Fuck all suggestions. If I know that I will beat the opponent, then I don’t care about the rest. And the last. I didn’t make you a “bad” offer. The distribution of the prize pool in the ratio of 65/35 is the decision of the WBC. And if you fully follow their rules, then it should have been 70/30. They already gave you an extra 5%.”

“Of course, I would take the fight in his place. Do you know what’s the difference between us? I’m confident. I know that I will win. Apparently his team doesn’t believe in him. What else did he say? That I’ll beg everyone to fight me? That I won’t have worthy rivals? No problem. I will go for it to make cool fights. You said that I would not see big money. But you know what I’ll tell you. It is at this moment that something really big is pecking at us. And the fans will soon understand which of us is worth what, ”Prograis concluded the speech.

Regis said yesterday that he already knows with whom he will defend his title if Lopez also refuses to fight. A little earlier, Prograis, Garcia and Lopez sorted things out on social networks. The champion won.