Ponomarev: “Fyodor was angry with the way I fought with Gaziev. Says smart fights are needed.”

Russian heavyweight Grigory Ponomarev, after defeating Iranian Alireza Safar, told how his coach, the legendary MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko, reacted to the defeat from Shamil Gaziev.

“If Fedor Emelianenko has free time, he will be in my corner,” Ponomarev said in an interview with SE. I don’t think he will refuse me. We are still part of the team. Especially as he communicates with me, tells me already as a native person. Already at the level [остальных] boys start to move. It already specifically suggests how to work and so on. ”

“The biggest clue before this fight? He says: “Smart fights are needed. There is power, the functionality is not bad now. Everything is. Clever victories are needed, and not just – ran up, demolished and scored. I agree with him.”

“Was Fedor Emelianenko angry with me after losing to Gaziev? Not just on me, but on my fighting, because he saw what I was working on, that I was working, and that I did nothing. He was just angry about it.”

Ponomarev defeated Safar by technical knockout at the AMC Fight Nights 107 tournament, which took place on December 20 in Minsk. In September, at the AMC Fight Nights 104 tournament in Sochi, Ponomarev was defeated by Shamil Gaziev by technical knockout.