PlayStation, mattress, idiots and chess – Kambosos broke the “vow of silence”


Australian lightweight George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs) lost to the American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) in June on his territory and lost the title of absolute world champion. Everything can be fixed in a rematch – will be held on October 16 in Melbourne (Australia).

On the eve of the first fight, Kambosos was extremely active in the media and social networks, but this time it was as if he had taken a vow of silence. Haney believes that he figured out the opponent’s idea. Apparently, the American was mistaken, as the Australian spoke again. And he speaks well and non-trivially.

“Yes, I am an underdog again. And this is my role. It’s like I’m back in my own territory
reasoning applicant. “I know a lot of people have written me off, but I shook the world and I will do it again. I put up with the opinions of some unqualified idiots, but did not lose faith in my own strength. In the first fight he beat me – it was either chess or PlayStation. But I learned ways to get even for that defeat. And I’ll get even. Because defeat drives me crazy.”

Kambosos admitted that in the first fight he didn’t look good: “The championship belt is like a curse. But Haney also deserves recognition – a great fighter, a great champion. But now he is a target, a target. You know, I make no secret of the fact that I have always craved media attention. And when it came, I slightly lost the shores. On the eve of the first fight, there were always 40-50 people in my hall, including representatives of the media. It wasn’t normal. And I still couldn’t focus on my work. I plowed as before, but burned out both psychologically and physically.

The applicant claims that “this time it will be different. Why? Because I don’t care what Haney says. I don’t care what the media think. I don’t care what they say on social media. This time I’m really focused. Are you aware that I now literally live in the hall? No kidding, I sleep here on a mattress, I have a refrigerator and a TV set here. Nothing distracts. I’m back to where I started. I could spend the night in a cool room in an expensive hotel (smiles). But I prefer to wake up and see a heavy bag with a photo of Haney on it.

Kambosos sincerely believes that he will be more comfortable in the role of an underdog, because “that is what I have been all my life – a challenger and an outsider. This, if you like, is my way of thinking.”

Earlier, Haney explained why Kambosos will get stronger in the rematch. The expert does not agree with him: Teddy Atlas believes in the chances of an underdog.