PFL World Championship 2022 video: Natan Schulte taps out Jeremy Stephens with nasty arm-triangle choke


Natanschulte won a lopsided victory over Jeremy Stephens, a veteran UFC fighter at Friday’s PFL World Championships.

The former two-time PFL champion negated Stephens’ considerable power with a grappling heavy strategy that saw him wrap up a nasty arm-triangle choke to get the tap at just 1:32 in the second round.

As soon as the action got started, Schulte wasted no time getting inside, applying the body lock and then putting Stephens on the canvas. Although the Brazilian quickly locked up an arm-triangle choke, Stephens managed to resist and stayed out of it.

Schulte eventually moved to take the back instead where he then wrapped his arms around the neck to apply a rear-naked choke and the wince on Stephens’ face looked like the end might be coming soon.

Stephens was able to find a way for him to win his fight, and he made it through to the second round.

Despite exerting a lot of energy through the first-five minute session, Schulte had plenty left in the gas tank as he once again planted Stephens on the ground. Schulte was able to move quickly and secure the arm-triangle choke. However, this time there was no escape.

The tap came a split second later as Schulte picked up the win after missing out on the playoffs following two previous championship appearances in the PFL