PFL World Championship 2022 results: Olivier Aubin-Mercier scores brutal one-punch knockout to finish Stevie Ray


Olivier Aubin-Mercier didn’t have a finish in the PFL until when it mattered most after he flattened Stevie Ray with a devastating one-punch knockout to claim the lightweight title for 2022 and take home the $1 million grand prize.

The self-confessed “Canadian Gangster”, was down for most of the second round due to Ray’s grappling attack. However, once the fight started moving again, Aubin-Mercier unleashed a stunning right hook that hit flush against the jaw.

Ray was immediately up and on his feet when the punch hit. The referee raced in to end the fight so that Ray could not take undue punishment.

The official stoppage came at 4:40 in the second round.

” It was insane. “It was a crazy experience,” Aubin Mercier described about the PFL Season. “This s*** was hard as f***.”

Although Aubin-Mercier started the fight strongly, Ray was able to return after scoring a good throw that brought the fight to the floor. Ray tried to force Ray to submit, but Aubin-Mercier stopped him until Ray could get free and return to his feet.

That was when Ray launched his right hook, which went over the top of Ray’s head and knocked him unconscious. Ray had to get up again after the strike, which ended Ray’s night.

“A little check hook on the side,” Aubin-Mercier said about the finish. “I saw he was a little bit tired and I just slipped him with the hook. PFL should be brought to Montreal next time. It’s something I believe people would like .”