PFL Championship 2022 results: Ante Delija starches Matheus Scheffel with first-round knockout


Ante Delija made the most of his second chance to become heavyweight champion with a blistering first-round knockout over Matheus Scheffel at the PFL Championship card on Friday.

This was Delija’s second victory over Scheffel, after Scheffel had defeated him in a similar manner earlier in the season.

This time around, Delija had to be a bit more methodical with his approach but the result was still the same as he kept waiting for the perfect time to unleash his best strikes against a shorter opponent, who was also at a reach disadvantage.

The end came after Delija pressed forward and trapped Scheffel agains the cage as he unleashed a barrage of shots in rapid-fire succession. Each punch just chipped away at Scheffel’s defense until he crumbled to the mat with the referee rushing in to stop the contest.

The official stoppage came at 2:50 in the opening round.

” I was away for 2 months and now, after two months, Delija stated that she is finally returning home. I’m happy to be home. Today, I am back and I’m very grateful .”

Delija has been a mainstay on the PFL roster but he came up short in his previous bid to become champion after losing a unanimous decision to Bruno Cappelozza in 2021.

Now he is proud to stand tall at the top of the heavyweight mountains and celebrates being the first Croatian ever to win a PFL championship. This was his fourth consecutive victory in this promotion.