Peter Yang and Song Yadong: words before the fight

Flyweight bout participants Peter Yan and Song Yadong gave their final comments before the matchup that will open the main card of UFC 299 in Miami on Saturday night through Sunday.

“He’s a great fighter and it’s an honor to fight him. He’s a top level fighter, a former champion, but anything can happen in a fight. I’m ready to knock him out. What do you say, Peter?”, Song said at the press conference, referring to the former UFC champion.

“On Saturday, I’m going to show him who the best boxer is. My record in boxing is 7-0, I’ve had a lot of fights in boxing. This is a different level. I’m going to blow this guy away!”, the Russian replied.

“Peter is tough, but I am tougher, and I will knock him out on Saturday,” parried the Chinese representative.

The final battle of glances between the fighters will take place at the exhibition weigh-in ceremony, which starts on March 9 at 1:00 Moscow time.