Pay attention to him: Massoud was enchanting in a fight with Bateson – video


Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK. British fighters of the second bantamweight (up to 55.3 kg) met in a steep prospect-clash: WBA Inter-Continental champion Jack Bateson (17-1, 4 KOs) lost the belt to Shabaz Massoud (11-0, 4 KOs) by knockout.

The challenger was much more effective in positional boxing, so the champion had to look for some way out: he tried to change stances, aimed at the body, and increased the pace of the fight. It’s all to no avail – Massoud clearly countered with a left cross, hook or direct.

Masoud with a couple good shots early! #ProbellumSheffield

— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

Another problem of Bateson is the lack of body / head movements – he misses everything that flies in his direction, does not have time to return his hands to a defensive position. It turned out that it is very stylistically convenient for Masud. It’s lucky that Shabazz is not a puncher.

Bateson just ATE that left hand like it was nothing!#ProbellumSheffield

— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

Bateson had local success at the start of the 5th three-minute period, but Massoud not only returned the favor, but even shocked the aggressor. In the second half of the fight, the champion slightly leveled the course of the fight – he finally realized that he needed to keep the middle distance and try to take his own due to the workrate.

Massoud looked solid under pressure – a strong block, excellent body defense. But, perhaps, a little to add to the activity. And so he did in the 10th round. I would like to see the statistics. Visually, this prospect just has top efficiency in the ratio of thrown / accurate shots. The champion’s legs even buckled a little – he misses a lot.

Left-hander Masoud was simply enchanting in the championship rounds: he changed stances, broke Bateson’s nose with a bright uppercut. But it was assumed that there was no (clear) favorite in this pair.

Masoud continues to dominate as we head to RD12!#ProbellumSheffield

— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

Bateson went for broke in the decisive three-minute period, but ran into an oncoming one and ended up on the floor.


— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

Shabaz felt that he needed to push and beat the opponent to the referee’s go-ahead. Gorgeous performance. An amazingly talented fighter.

IT’S OVER!@ShabazMasoud dominates from start to finish and Bateson in the final stops round! What a performance! #ProbellumSheffield

— Probellum (@probellum) November 11, 2022

Massoud TKO 12.

USK “Wings of the Soviets”, Moscow, Russia. In the light weight limit (up to 61.2 kg), Olympic champion Tokyo (Japan-2020), local prospect Albert Batyrgaziev (7-0, 5 KOs) snatched a difficult victory from strong Ricardo Antonio Nunez (23-4, 21 KOs) from Panama.

Batyrgaziev UD 10.