Parker: “I’ll wrap myself a present, put it under the tree, sit next to me and sing a song”


Former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (30-3, 21 KOs) is celebrating this Christmas alone, temporarily settling in the town where his buddy Tyson Fury lives. He is preparing for the holiday season to return to the ring.

Parker boxed once in 2022 and suffered an early loss to Joe Joyce in September (bout punch stats).

On January 21, he will fight Jack Massey (20-1, 11 KOs) at AO Arena in Manchester (England), therefore, will remain for the holidays in Britain.

“A lot of people say, ‘Why would you want to go to Morecambe again when it’s nice and sunny in New Zealand, great summer, family,'” Parker said.
Sky Sports. “I trained at home, but my wife said, ‘You need to fight. Go back to England, train and fight.’ And now I’m here. Andy Lee and I have been working this week, but he’s back home to spend Christmas with his young family.”

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“So all I have here now is me and the Christmas tree. I’ll wrap a gift for myself, put it under the tree, wake up on Christmas with the thought: “Hmm, I wonder what kind of gift I have there?”, The New Zealander laughs. “I will sit next to the tree and sing myself a song.”

According to Parker, he will not participate in any festivities.

“Everyone here in Morkeme has been very kind, inviting me to so many houses and parties. But I want to be sick right before the fight, so I will do everything right and stay healthy. Yes, Tyson invited me to a family dinner,” added Joe. “Perhaps I should go to him to wish him a Merry Christmas.”

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