Paddy Pimblett hopes for contract renegotiation with UFC: ‘I proved how much I’m worth the other night’


Paddy Pimblett knows his worth after hearing the reaction he received at UFC London this past Saturday, and he’s hoping that will result in a new contract with the promotion.

In just his second fight in the octagon, the 27-year-old Liverpool native was arguably the biggest attraction in the UFC’s return to the United Kingdom. UFC president Dana White touted the attention Pimblett received on Instagram with his videos getting more than triple the views from anybody else competing on the card.

Despite his obvious draw, Pimblett revealed after the fight that he was paid just $24,000 for his win, which has him ready to sit down at the table to renegotiate his contract with the UFC.

“I’m hoping we get contract renegotiations after this one cause I proved how much I’m worth the other night with the crowd there,” Pimblett told The Pat McAfee Show on Monday. My manager does [negotiations] for my benefit and has always been there for my best interest so I will always have him do it .”

Not all UFC contracts are the same but typically newer fighters compete on an escalating scale, which means Pimblett was likely paid $10,000 to show and $10,000 to win in his debut with the next fight increasing to $12,000 to show and $12,000 to win.

After his victory over Kazula Vargas, Pimblett has been brutally open about his feelings and admitted that he doesn’t want to move up in the ranks of 15 opponents until he gets better pay at UFC.

While he’s adamant about facing anybody the UFC offers him, Pimblett also understands that his salary has to matter if he’s taking on more established opponents.

” It really is for me, whoever puts it in front of you. I don’t care,” Pimblett said. “I will fight any person .”

but I want to make sure the money I get for fighting this person is worthwhile.”

The same applies to Pimblett’s ultimate title aspirations.

” I’m not unreasonable,” Pimblett said. It will be similar to a 2025 object. Something like that. Let’s take each step one at a time. We’ll be able to see the results, particularly now that we know how much my money is.

“If I’m fighting for this amount of money, then I don’t want to fight anywhere near for the title yet. Before I fight for the title .”

, I would like to get paid champion money.

Pimblett added that he hasn’t spoken to White since the event, but he’ll leave negotiations up to his manager Graham Boylan, who was also his promoter when he was previously competing under the Cage Warriors banner prior to joining the UFC roster.

As for what’s next, Pimblett isn’t trying to call his shot but rather just allowing the fights to come to him as they’re offered.

One thing for certain, “The Baddy” expects the UFC to return to his home country before 2022 is finished and this time he’ll be headlining.

“[Dana White is] will be returning to the U.K. by the end of this year,” Pimblett stated. He is very aware of my presence and I will probably be the main event .”