Paddy Pimblett accepted the challenge of blogger Jake Paul

Paddy Pimblett accepted the challenge of blogger Jake Paul

Rising star in the UFC lightweight division, Paddy Pimblett, and popular boxing blogger Jake Paul are poised for a $1 million sparring match.

It all started with the Briton’s statement that the fight between the American and Anderson Silva, in which the legendary Brazilian was knocked down, was bogus.

“I give Jake Paul credit – he trains so hard that he could probably beat some of the professional boxers,” Pimblett said in a recent episode of the Pub Talk podcast. “He has unlimited funds, so he doesn’t have to do anything else but box. And he hires the best trainers, the best nutritionists and stuff like that.”

“I don’t think Tyron Woodley’s knockout was fake, because when you get knocked out and you fall face down, if you’re not unconscious, you put your hands up. There’s nothing you can do about it, it’s a human reaction. But I saw the angle of impact he dropped Anderson Silva, and I can say for sure that he didn’t even hit him.”

In response, the YouTuber invited Pimblett to personally test his boxing skills.

“Poor Paddy Pimblett, I used to like you man, but now you’re coming out and saying my fight against Anderson Silva was a hoax,” the American said in a video posted on social media. “I’m tired of these conversations. It’s pathetic and stupid. You disrespect the greatest in your sport, you say that Anderson Silva is a criminal, you call him a fraud. You’re accusing Viacom, one of the biggest media companies in the world, of doing criminal business.”

“But, I have an offer for you – since you will not agree to a fake fight, let’s spar. Fly to Puerto Rico, we’ll give you a private jet, and we’ll do five three-minute boxing rounds with you. If you win, I will give you one million dollars – that’s the amount, Paddy, that you deserve to receive for your fights. You deserve to be paid more”

“But if I win, you should join our United Fighters Association and help sign all the fighters from the UK. So let’s spar. Since you are definitely not going to give up the fight, I have a million ready for you. Back up your words with deeds

The UFC fighter did not disregard the challenge thrown to him.

“Challenge accepted,” Pimblett said on social media. “We will not fly to Puerto Rico because I have a fight next Saturday. If you want to spar, come to UFC PI next week. Like I said, I’ll fight on Saturday, rest on Sunday, and beat you on Monday. Here is my suggestion”

Paddy Pimblett, 27, will return to the octagon on December 10 at UFC 282 in Las Vegas against American Jared Gordon.