Pacquiao warns Mayweather he will be surprised today


The legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather, who in a few hours will earn a couple of tens of millions of dollars for a fair show in Japan, saw himself at a press conference for the fight against MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura, an old rival, Manny Pacquiao.

The Filipino came to support his fighter Asakura.

The ex-champion in eight weight divisions stated that “Mikuru has something to prove.”

“He can also hit. Might have to check back tomorrow. I think he will surprise, ”Manny caught up with the intrigues.

On November 13, Mayweather scheduled another unofficial fight – against a vlogger. And the other day he announced the second fight with Conor McGregor. Recall that five years ago he stopped the MMA star from Ireland in the 10th round.

“I am very special.” Mayweather on Asakura fight