Overeem defeated Badr Hari in the main fight of a kickboxing show in the Netherlands


MMA legends fought in Arnhem

The third fight of the Dutch MMA legend took place in the main event of the major kickboxing show Glory: Collision 4 Alistair Overeem (11-4, 7 KOs) and the legendary kicker from Morocco Badra Hari (106-17-2, 92 KOs).

Prior to that, the fighters fought in 2008 and 2009, winning one early victory in the first round.

The fight was quite even, but in the third round Badr “floated” and Alistair did not miss the moment. A series of hits on the right and a final left knocked down the opponent. The Moroccan continued, but soon dropped to the floor a second time, missing a right hook.

The judges were almost unanimous: 29-26 and four times 28-27 in favor of Alistair, who now wants a fight with reigning heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. He was present in the arena, got into the ring and arranged a verbal skirmish with the winner. But then they laughed and joked together.

Hari also said that he would probably end his career on this.