Oscar De La Hoya predicts Ryan Garcia-Gervonta Davis fight will draw near 2. 5 million PPV buys


Oscar De La Hoya sees Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis delivering at the box office.

The wheels are turning for Garcia and Davis’s clash in an epic boxing match with April the target date. Each fighter is undefeated with Garcia being at 23-0 (19 (KOs), and Davis at 28-0 (26KOs). Davis currently reigns as the WBA lightweight champion.

De La Hoya has Garcia as a member in good standing of Golden Boy Promotions, which makes the De La Hoya an important figure in negotiations that include networks DAZN/Showtime. Once everyone gets on the same page, De La Hoya expects pay-per-view buys to be in the millions.

“We’re all working together to blow this one out of the water,” De La Hoya said on The MMA Hour. “We want to make sure that this event here, because it’s such a special fight, we want to make sure that this fight does 2, 2. 5, 3 million homes. This is that type of event.”

“Realistically, close to 2. 5,” he continued.

Should Garcia-Vs. Davis reach De La Hoya’s estimation, it would be one of the most profitable boxing events ever. A 2. 5 million buyrate would place it third, behind only Floyd Mayweather’s massive bouts against Manny Pacquiao (4. 6 million) and Conor McGregor (4. 3 million) and ahead of Mayweather’s fights against De La Hoya (2. 48 million) and Canelo Alvarez (2. 2 million).

First, it is necessary to end the fight. De La Hoya says that all details are taken care of, except for the finer points, as is typical in a booking this large.

“It’s real,” De La Hoya said. “I can assure you it’s going to happen April 15. A hundred percent. It’s a matter of just crossing the ts, dotting the is. We have the contract in our hands. It’s a very complex, very complicated contract, these big fights take a big deal of patience and negotiations.

“But it’s actually been a pleasure to work with the other side, with PBC. Making this fight, they understand that this is the biggest fight in boxing to make. You have undefeated fighters and two top-flight fighters. This fight features two boxers who excel at their craft, making it the most important in the history of boxing. It’s exciting .”

Ideally, De La Hoya would like the bout to take place at MGM Grand Garden Arena, a venue that hosted some of his most memorable fights, though the larger T-Mobile Arena is a likely destination.

De La Hoya assured any hold-up regarding a formal fight announcement is strictly due to paperwork and nothing on the part of the fighters.

” All the territories around the world,” De La Hoya stated when asked about the hardest part in getting Garcia and Davis into the ring. “You have DAZN, you have Showtime. You know Showtime always does a great job in putting these types of events together. But when you’re collaborating with a DAZN in this instance, you have to share territories, the split of revenues, it’s very complex, but we were able to put it together.”

As the anticipation builds for what could be one of 2023’s biggest boxing matches, De La Hoya is confident an announcement will be made soon.

“Like you said, I have the contract in my hand and I am looking at it right now,” De La Hoya. “It’s very tedious work that we focus on here and finish, but I would say in the next week or so.”

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2023/1/25/23571496/oscar-de-la-hoya-predicts-ryan-garcia-gervonta-davis-fight-will-draw-near-2-5-million-ppv-buys?rand=96749