Ortiz’s opponent is sure – the favorite of the “nuts”. He has 9% of early wins


Undefeated – and so far glory – Briton Michael McKinson (21-0, 2 KOs) is going to fix the second on August 6, when he will face the total favorite, American welterweight knockout Virgil at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Ortiz (18-0, 18 KOs).

“I’m realist. Virgil’s victories are much better than mine,” McKinson said at a press conference. – He beat better opponents than me, but he also showed his weak points, in the last fight, in general, in the beginning. True, he still successfully did his job. But there were also disadvantages. And my job is to identify them. I know it’s a big task, but I’m extremely focused and very serious.”

“I am a very smart, very cunning left-hander with a lot of problems for the opponent, and a lot of tricks up my sleeve,” the Briton described his style.

Ortiz knocked out Kavaliauskas

Michael smiles, says, “everyone has already written me off, everyone is already thinking:” Ortiz will pass McKinson like a knife through butter, blah blah blah “.

“I don’t pay that much attention. My job is to make these people shut up, ”summed up the underdog, who outplayed Martin in the spring.

In March, this fight did not take place: Ortiz was in the emergency room with rhabdomyolysis, but now, according to the puncher, he seems to be completely healthy. At critical moments of the disease, Virgil even refused a liver.

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