OMG! Mayweather beat YouTuber Deji – video


Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, UAE. In the main event of the show in an exhibition match, the legendary American veteran Floyd Mayweather fought with the British YouTuber Deji.

Good start… The ring announcer says we have 6 rounds (originally reported 8).

It is already clear that the spectacle will be sad. But now all the fans will understand what a real staged fight looks like. Apparently, 6 rounds instead of 8 is still good news.

Nothing happens in the ring. Deji pretends to try to catch Mayweather with a jab. And Floyd pretends to dodge the blows. During the break, the American danced with the ring girls.

Funny episode. Mayweather got carried away with posing and missed the “hit”. He “pins” the opponent to the ropes, “works” on the block, then “breaks the distance”.

Floyd Mayweather is TROLLING Deji#MayweatherDeji #DejiMayweather #boxing #FloydMayweather

— CulturedUpdates (@CulturedUpdatez) November 13, 2022

God, why didn’t I go to bed?

The 3rd round turned out to be “more intense”. Floyd “beat up” Deji. Will he be able to hold out until the gong? Questions…

Yeah. Floyd “accidentally” hits below the belt. Referee Kenny Baileys is “dissatisfied”, says that this is not possible. But the veteran answers him: “I am Mayweather. I can”.

Feel sorry for the commentators. Although they also enrage – they try to yell at each other.

Drama! Deji hit Mayweather. At least something happened…


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— IFL TV (@IFLTV) November 13, 2022

Yeah. Floyd “pissed off and beat” Deji to the referee’s go-ahead. So here it is…

Mayweather TKO 6. Let’s go sleep!

Please bring Floyd back to Rizin! It’s unwatchable.