O’Malley gave a prediction for the fight between Vera and Sandhagen

O'Malley gave a prediction for the fight between Vera and Sandhagen

UFC bantamweight division number one Sean O’Malley has shared his take on the fight between Marlon Vera and Corey Sandhagen, who will headline UFC Fight Night 219 in Las Vegas on February 18.

“There is no big cage in the Apex arena, and the small one is 40 percent smaller,” MMAmania quotes the American. “It will play its part, give Chito a big advantage. I don’t know if ‘advantage’ is the right word, but for Corey it’s more of a disadvantage.”

“I want Chito to win, obviously, because if Sterling really moves up in weight after the Cejudo fight, our fight with Chito for the title will be huge. Or I’ll face whoever wins the Sterling-Cejudo fight and then make my first defense against Chito.”

In August 2020, Sean O’Malley suffered the only defeat in his professional career, losing to Marlon Vera by TKO in the first round due to a leg injury.

At the same time, O’Malley considers the injury accidental, and Vera claims that he purposefully beat off the opponent’s leg.

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