Olympic silver medalist Sushil Kumar charged with murder

One of India’s most successful and popular freestyle wrestlers, Sushil Kumar, is currently in jail awaiting trial for the murder of wrestler Sagar Dhankar. Silver medalist at the 2012 Olympics is accused of being the leader of a group of men who kidnapped Dhankar and beat him to death last May.

According to media reports, Kumar had a number of reasons for hating Dhankar, including non-payment of rent for an apartment, a love triangle involving a citizen of Ukraine, as well as impartial remarks.

After his arrest in India, there were reports that Kumar was linked to some of the most dangerous organized crime figures in Delhi.

This week, the athlete was charged with additional offenses: his accused of firing a pistol at a pack of barking dogs and then threatening several athletes at the scene. The police have crime scene footage.