Oleksandr Usyk hinted at retirement


The holder of three world heavyweight titles (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) gave
interview for YouTube channel USYK17.

In a conversation with the presenter, Alexander hinted at the end of his career as a professional boxer. Alexander sees British WBC champion Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) as the last opponent in the “big game”. The unified champion thinks about mental health and wants to spend more time with children.

– Do you think Fury is the final “villain” in this game?

— In the big game, I think so. I think about the fact that I want to give my time to raising my children. Take the boys to training, be with them in training, pick them up from training, communicate with them, take them to school, help them grow. They are just starting their journey. That is, there are 10 years old, 8 years old boys. With my daughter, I behave differently. But I don’t want to go there somewhere and stay somewhere for half a year. That is, already now, when the last camp was so long, I already thought more about the fact that, damn it, the boys are growing up, but I’m not. That is, through the phone, through video communication, you cannot give what you have to give.

Of course, everything has some kind of end point. And in the career of an athlete, it is also there. I’m thinking about it. Well, I really think about it. I want to live after this and not go joking or write down somewhere what I have tomorrow. So, I said hello to you – that’s it, so I won’t say hello a second time in the evening. You need to look at everything realistically. I see that I am not that old. I am 35 years old, but I see that there is a resource that is running out. And you just don’t want to be beaten up later. You cannot engage in self-deception. If you understand that already young boys are suitable and they have better speed, they are more enduring, then you just need to say to yourself that – be friends, choose a different kind of activity and work. Everything.

— Fury. Are you following him?

“Yes, Fury, I’m coming for you. Yes, of course, I’ve been stomping behind him for normal hours. And we have been watching him for many years, even when he boxed in amateurs, when he boxed like a pro. I boxed a lot of guys when I was in cruiserweight, I already watched them in heavyweight. I have a lot of records, I have some of my own.

– Happiness, health.

— Happiness, health, love, patience and warm wind. Borracho, I’m coming for you!

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