Now I look at him differently – Donaire on Bivol, Canelo and Beterebiev


The legendary Filipino veteran Nonito Donaire does not hide the fact that he is delighted with the performance of the WBA Super champion Russian light heavyweight Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) in the confrontation with the Mexican Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs) – he confidently won the weekend by unanimous decision judges.

Boxer of the year. Bivol defeated Ramirez – a report about this event

Also Donaire.
disappointed challenger: “I think he chose the wrong plan for the fight. He chose the middle distance, at which Bivol had a total superiority. And I had to push. It was necessary to box like a fighter who has an advantage in anthropometry should box. I was sure that Ramirez would box with an aggressive first number. But, alas, he did everything differently.

Donaire believes that “Bivol’s next opponent will be[all other division belt holder]Artur Beterbiev. As for me, it just has to take place next. To be honest, earlier I would have bet on Beterbiev without question, but after the last fights, I already look at Bivol differently. Now I’m sure he’s going to be great in a fight with him as he’s very quick and great at making decisions in the ring and all that.”

It is possible that at first Bivol will still have to give revenge to the Mexican Saul Alvarez, whom he beat in May: “It seems to me that Canelo has no chance, since this guy is too big for him. Well… Except maybe in 76.2 kg, but not in the light heavyweights. At super middleweight, things can be completely different. But I am sure that Canelo first needs to take a vacation, lick his wounds. He shouldn’t jump on Bivol right away.”

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