Not Lomachenko and not Davis. Bradley called the biggest threat to Haney


ESPN boxing expert, former world champion in two categories, American Timothy Bradley gave
interview for a local news portal after a press conference dedicated to the Beterbiev-Smith light heavyweight unification bout.

The American analyst named the biggest threat to the newly-made absolute lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs). Bradley also commented on the possible opposition of Haney against top fighters in the light weight category.

Devin Haney just became the undisputed world champion in Australia. Looked great. Who is Devin Haney’s biggest threat in the lightweight division right now?

– That’s a good question. Who is the biggest threat? I would say Shakur Stevenson. Just after watching his performance, seeing what he is. Dude is like a cat. He reminded me of Floyd. Fast muscles, entry-exit, with a long span. He can make things very difficult for you from a distance and prevent you from doing anything. It robs you of all your strengths.

I think Tank has a puncher chance against him like he always does. We have seen in the past how he was behind on the scorecards when the opponent boxed and kept him at a distance. Because the Tank is really economical with its attack. He is not a spender, he does not exhaust himself with unnecessary blows for the sake of victory. Every time he throws punches, he really wants to hit you. What happens when you throw, miss and miss or you don’t throw, miss and resist the attacking momentum? Here’s what Devin Haney brings to the ring. He can survive without missing. He can beat a guy like Tank.

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I think Haney fought better opposition than (Ryan) Garcia. I see Garcia all over the internet, on social media and everything. I know he has his next fight coming up, but Haney is serious about this. He’s not one of those cute little poster boys. Work is what it is about. I think Haney has a better skill set, he’s better technically, tactically and stamina through the roof. I have never seen him in such condition as I saw in Australia. Fantastic conditions. He was able to go all this way and be ready all night. I knew he had that ability. So the harder the fight, the better Devin Haney you’ll see.

I think Devin Haney will rise to the top. I even think he will beat Lomachenko. I think he will beat Lomachenko. I would not have said this a year ago, but we do not know how Lomachenko will return. He is older now. You all don’t see what I see. If you take away all these corners from Lomachenko, he becomes ordinary. I’m telling you. That’s where he succeeds – when he moves, and is in the distance, and begins to work with these angles. That’s when he’s a problem. And when you take it away from him and hold him right in front of you… He will try to go to the weak side, take a step to the side. And you just turn your back foot and go around it. You take those corners away from him and he becomes a regular dude.

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Lomachenko is smaller. Haney will be able to disturb him. He has a right hand, he has a left hook, two punches that can be effective against a southpaw. And Haney does it from the cradle. Those natural instincts that Haney has in the ring, and with their development … All these things that Loma does, he cannot do it against Haney. So I’m with Haney. I think Haney can make it to the top. I don’t think Lomachenko has the punching power to shake Devin. Haney outboxes him. I really think so. Remember, Lopez was able to outbox him. Lopez is very efficient and he has power, that’s maybe the only difference. The strength to hold him back. But Haney will help to deal with it, I think, distance control.