Nikita Tszyu knocked out puncher Darkon Dryden


Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Newcastle, Australia. In the limit of the first middle weight (up to 69.9 kg), local prospect Nikita Tszyu (4-0, 3 KOs) – the son of the legendary champion Konstantin Tszyu and the younger brother of the top contender in the same weight Tim Tszyu – beat the outrageous countryman knockout
Darkon Dryden (4-1, 4 KOs).

Wow! Dryden took the center of the ring, began to chase Tszyu around the perimeter. For some reason, he decided to kill himself – both missed, both survived well. Nikita calmed down, even more began to rely on his feet. The sweeping underdog had to cut through the air with his fists.

Looks like Darkon only lasted one round. He is disastrously inferior to his opponent in speed, school and fighting IQ – he walks on the heels, reflects Nikita’s unaccented blows with his face. Tszyu in the corner of his brother gets high from the performance: yelling, waving his arms.

Dryden needs serial work, but he only knows how to invest in hooks, telegraph punches. Wow! It looks like Tszyu Jr. (the youngest) does not hold body blows well. The underdog could seize the initiative, but no – he responds to Tszyu’s 10 blows at best with one blow. The fighters staged a kneading in the center of the ring.

It looks like that’s it. Darkon will not enter the 4th round.

Tszyu RTD 3.