New game from Fury: challenged the infernal champion of the center of England


WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) is a very unpredictable character, but here he gave out something very strong. The Briton challenged a well-fed compatriot with a 9-12 record. If the local sanctioning body gives the green light to such a game, he will be able to earn more in one “battle” than in 10 of his careers.

“I was thinking guys… So I won all the boxing belts, except for one. This is the British Central Region title,” Fury said in an Instagram story. “So, I challenge whoever is the champion. This is my belt, I want it, but I don’t have it. It’s the only belt I haven’t won yet, and that’s why I’m going after it. You, whoever you are, kamon!”

In case anyone is unaware, the regional titles in England were “revitalized” at the beginning of 2019 to give boxers more competitive opportunities at different levels and depending on their ability. Titles in the central region of England are played between the East Midlands, the Eastern Counties, the “native” counties (surrounding London) and the Midland counties.

The expert called the reasons for the collapse of the fight Fury-Joshua

In general, the current champion under this “version”, as can be found on the website of the British Boxing Control Council, is someone
Chris Healy (9-12, 2 KOs). The 34-year-old champion has lost eight of his last nine fights. In general, the tight 128-kilogram fighter loses on points, but ahead of schedule to the top prospects.

It is clear that no one will give the go-ahead to such a show. Fury, in general, in his repertoire.

The boxing legend from America turned to Fury: “Usyk or Joshua. If not, then you better stay at home. But Tyson just now said that he should piss on Usyk.