Nemkov explained how Emelianenko will beat Bader

Nemkov explained how Emelianenko will beat Bader

The reigning Bellator light heavyweight champion, Vadim Nemkov, who once took the title from Ryan Bader, shared his expectations for the upcoming Fedor Emelianenko fight, in which the legendary Russian fighter will try to deprive the American of the belt in the heavyweight category.

“If Fedor doesn’t let Bader do anything in the first minutes, and if he hits it again, then it will be easier, of course, but if he doesn’t push Bader back, doesn’t sow panic in his eyes, then it will be hard for Feda,” Nemkov said in an interview. Sport24. “Bader has such a thing that you don’t know what to expect from him. He came out with me, seemingly charged, missed two blows, went into the fight, I didn’t let him do anything, and he got up as a different fighter – his eyes are running around, and he won’t understand what to do. And with Valentine, he came out, hit first, and he gained confidence – it’s already hard to fight with such a Bader. If he is not allowed to do anything, it will be easier with him. He’s mentally unstable.”

At the same time, Nemkov is sure that a protracted duel and the struggle of the opponent will not become a problem for Emelianenko.

“Fedor worked out five rounds in sparring – I think everything will work out here. We worked and sparred with wrestling and wrestled and boxed. Fedor has such a level in the stalls that he can easily break off his arm from below. They have different wrestling, but I would not say that Bader is doing something supernatural. Fedor is hard enough to keep on the ground, at least for us. He is in good shape, everything is clear”

Recall that the heavyweight title fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Ryan Bader will be the main event of the Bellator 290 tournament, which will be held on February 4 in Inglewood, California, USA.