Nate Diaz victim vows revenge on former UFC fighter

Nate Diaz victim vows revenge on former UFC fighter

A participant in a street brawl, left unconscious after a clash with Nate Diaz, does not understand what provoked the aggression from the former UFC fighter, but is going to take revenge on him at the first opportunity.

One Rodney Petersen, who gained fame on social networks due to his resemblance to popular blogger Logan Paul, claims to have broken his head in a fall, showing the injury in a published video.

“I have no idea what I did to Nate Diaz,” Petersen said. “But here’s what I’ll say. I’ll knock him out next time I see him. You took me by surprise, man. You thought I was Logan? What nonsense?

Over the weekend, videos went viral on social media of Nate Diaz first inciting a fight at a boxing night in New Orleans and then becoming a participant in a street brawl, leaving his opponent lying unconscious after being strangled by a guillotine.

Two weeks earlier, it was officially announced that Nate Diaz would face Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, in a boxing match on August 5 in Dallas. According to the regulations, the fight will take place within the weight category up to 84 kilograms (185 pounds) and will be designed for eight rounds.