Nate Diaz turned down a fight with Jake Paul under MMA rules

Popular American fighter Nate Diaz, who lost to Jake Paul in a professional boxing match two weeks ago, is not going to fight the blogger under mixed martial arts rules.

The former challenger for the UFC lightweight championship belt announced this on social media, sharing his plans with fans.

“No, we’re boxing,” Diaz wrote.

After defeating Nate Diaz by unanimous decision, Jake Paul announced that he was willing to give him a rematch in an MMA rules bout, promising his opponent ten million dollars for the fight in the PFL league.

It is possible that Diaz, who left the world’s strongest league as a free agent late last year, plans to return to the UFC for the sake of completing a trilogy with Conor McGregor, and is unwilling to risk a bout with the Irishman becoming irrelevant in the event of his loss to the youtuber in the PFL.

There may also be talk of an agreement with UFC president, Dana White, who praised Nate Diaz’s debut fight in boxing, saying that the UFC will always be a home for him to return to.