Nate Diaz released on bail

Nate Diaz released on bail

After spending several hours at the New Orleans Police Department, popular American fighter Nate Diaz, charged with second-degree battery, was released on $10,000 bail.

“We have been given the opportunity to post a security deposit that entitles us to resume travel, including returning to Stockton today,” fighter spokesman Zach Rosenfield said in a statement. “We appreciate the way we were treated by the New Orleans Police Department and in court”

On Thursday morning, Nate Diaz voluntarily appeared at the New Orleans Police Department, which issued a warrant for his arrest for participating in a street fight, during which the fighter strangled a certain Rodney Petersen to unconsciousness and threw him to the pavement, as a result of which the victim smashed his head.

The incident was caught on video that went viral, and Petersen later claimed that Diaz attacked him for no reason, probably confusing him with popular blogger Logan Paul, whom he really looks like.

At the same time, Diaz’s side claims that the former UFC fighter acted solely in self-defense, since Petersen had the intention to attack him.

Recall that on August 5 in Dallas, Nate Diaz should make his professional boxing debut and share the ring with boxing blogger Jake Paul.