Nate Diaz puts a man to sleep in a street fight

Nate Diaz puts a man to sleep in a street fight

Popular American fighter Nate Diaz, who will share the ring with blogger Jake Paul on August 5, uses every opportunity to hone his fighting skills.

On the eve of the former UFC fighter distinguished himself twice, first arranging a brawl at a boxing evening Misfits Boxing in New Orleans, and then strangling a man in a street fight.

The first incident came after Diaz, who was attending a sporting event to support his friend and teammate Chris Ávila, unexpectedly threw a water bottle at reality TV star and American football player Chase DeMoore, who had previously fought in the heavyweight division and then returned to the hall to watch the remaining fights.

Throwing the bottle away, Diaz quickly hid from the enraged heavyweight behind other people’s backs, and showed his fighting qualities some time later, cracking down on the street with a man who, with his appearance, resembled Jake’s brother Paul, Logan, but, unlike DeMure, was clearly not going with him. fight, and approached the fighter with his hands up.

Taking his opponent’s neck to the guillotine, Diaz struck him with a knee, and then strangled him to a blackout, throwing the unconscious guy to the asphalt.

Last week, it was officially announced that a professional boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul would take place on August 5 in Dallas. According to the regulations, the fight will take place within the weight category up to 84 kilograms (185 pounds) and will be designed for eight rounds.