Nate Diaz narrates hype video ahead of San Francisco 49ers wildcard game: ‘If you’re not on our team, then f*** off’


Nate Diaz is proud to represent Stockton in California. Stockton is located just outside the Bay Area. It’s also the location of the NFC wildcard match between the San Francisco ers (San Francisco ers) and the Seattle Seahawks.

As the Niners prepare to take the field on Saturday, Diaz provided a narration for the hype video promoting the game as the 13-4 NFC West winners look to make a deep run in the playoffs, with many experts predicting them to go all the way to the Super Bowl.

With highlights featuring both the Niners and Diaz during some of his biggest fights, the one-time UFC title challenger made no bones about his rooting allegiance while getting everybody in the Bay area ready for action.

“It’s us against the world,” Diaz said in the video. If you aren’t on our team, then don’t f*** off. This ain’t about nobody else. It’s about you. Talk is dead. Put up or shut up.”

The Niners had a great regular season, despite having to lose two quarterbacks. They also played rookie Brock Purdy (the last pick nicknamed “Mr. Irrelevant” in the 2022 NFL draft — in the starting role through the final five games.

Now San Francisco is aiming to be the next Super Bowl champion, but that all begins on Saturday against their divisional rivals at Seahawks.