Nate Diaz: Don’t buy NFTs of Nick Diaz and I from ‘sorry ass UFC’


Nate Diaz is making things as unpleasant as possible for his promoter while still trying to book the final fight of his current UFC contract.

The UFC sold NFTs featuring Nick Diaz and him on Wednesday, the welterweight champion said. He told fans to stop buying them.

“It’s s***y like this, why I have to get the F*** Out of the Sorry Ass UFC,” Diaz posted on Twitter. “Didn’t you guys suspend nick for 5 years and fine me hella money for a vape pan?! Now you’re reaping the benefits. This bulls ***.”

is a joke.

Diaz has pushed to face former interim champ Dustin Poirier in a rebooking of their cancelled fight at UFC 230, but the matchup has reportedly been tied to a contract extension that the Stockton, Calif., native has rejected. That’s kept him on the shelf since his most recent octagon appearance, a UFC 263 loss to Leon Edwards that came with a moral victory for near-knockout of the welterweight contender in the bout’s final seconds.

His recollection is inaccurate about Diaz’s and his brother’s UFC history. He was not fined or suspended by the promotion for his use of a vape pen at a post-fight press conference for UFC 202; the promotion’s anti-doping partner, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, investigated the matter and ultimately decided to issue him a warning. Later, USADA modified its policies to essentially eliminate marijuana as a punishable offense. The Nevada Athletic Commission, which regulated Diaz’s rematch with Conor McGregor, also did not sanction him.

One notable event from UFC 202 was the NAC’s refusal to license Nate Diaz’s older brother, Nick Diaz, for a cornerman license because he hadn’t paid a fine to the commission after UFC 183, the suspension Nate Diaz referred to in his tweet. Nick Diaz reportedly owed $75,000 of a $100,000 fine given to him for his third marijuana suspension; his initial fine of $165,000 and a five-year suspension were later reduced after public outcry. The UFC did not sanction Nick Diaz for that offense; he later set up a payment arrangement for the fine.

As far as reaping the benefits, profits from the promotion’s UFC Strike NFT cards are reportedly to be split 50/50 with the athletes — so the younger Diaz’s advice would actually go against his financial interests.