Naoya Inoue is the undisputed world champion!


Ariake ArenaTokyo, Japan. In the main event of the evening, local legend Naoya Inoue (24-0, 21 KOs) beat the belt holder WBO British Paul Butler (34-3, 15 KOs) and became the absolute champion of the bantamweight (up to 53.5 kg).

The champion, as expected, took the center of the ring and began to take action. Butler fears the striking power of the favorite, acts indecisively. It can be understood. The Briton withstood the initial onslaught, although he missed a few nasty blows to the body. Already well done!

Inoue continued to playfully break the opponent’s defense. Butler’s body got hit especially hard – these left hooks are just fire. The underdog practically does not snarl. He tries to drive away the opponent with a jab, but he himself understands that it is useless. However, he lasted two rounds already. Man!

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— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) December 13, 2022

And here is the 3rd three-minute. Inoue is in complete control of the battle, but is in no hurry. He understands that sooner or later the opponent will not survive. This time, Butler finally decided to take action. Moved a little better, hit the favorite twice. His left hooks look solid.

Incredibly, Butler has been on his feet for 4 rounds now. He understands the need to constantly shift, keeps a high block. But Inoue cuts the corners of the ring well. At times, the underdog counters well. He solidly prepared for the fight, excellent coaching. It’s extremely hard for him. Jeb Inoue regularly flashes the defense, excellent work on the floors.

The Briton has already survived 5 rounds. With no offensive prospects, a minimum of activity – he feels that any oversight will end in a knockout. Inoue is trying to get Butler out of a deaf defense (changing stances, boxing with his hands down), but he sticks to the plan for the fight.

Behind half of the fight. All in one box. Commentators criticize the challenger – he does not fight to win, he just tries to hold out until the final gong. Inoue even manages to work on camera. Invites Butler to work as the first number. And he, taking advantage of the moment, breaks the distance.

Welcome to the Naoya Inoue show


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It looks like Inoue isn’t happy with how the fight is going either. He is still waiting for some action from the opponent. Butler adapted himself to act as number two. He gave a very solid 8th three-minute. Commentators hope to never see the Briton fight again in their lives. Hard…

Inoue still wants to win ahead of schedule. He inflates the density of the battle. Butler’s actions are affected by fatigue. The legs are not the same as they were at the start of the fight. Will he endure or capitulate? Only 2 rounds left.

And here is the knockdown. At the starting seconds of the 11th three-minute period. Butler yawned a blow to the body, froze for a second. This was enough for Inoue to deliver an accurate blow to the head. Victory!

Inoue KO 11.