NAC chair asks UFC exec: ‘You will make sure no one dies’ in Power Slap League?


Dana White’s Power Slap league has officially been granted a promoter’s license, and the rule set has been approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The new league will air eight events starting January on TBS and feature slap fighting. The Nevada commission approved previous plans for regulation of the sport. Now, a set of rules has been approved. It includes guidelines for how matches will be judged and oversight for fighter safety.

UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell noted the league worked hand-in-hand with the commission to standardize the rules, which were first released to the media during a press conference ahead of UFC 281 in New York.

During one exchange at a commission meeting on Wednesday, NAC Chairman Stephen Cloobeck point blank asked Campbell, “You will make sure no one dies?”

“That is priority 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10,” Campbell responded. “That goes without saying. “Honestly, we did this to get a first-hand understanding of safety and health aspects of the sport.

” We have an excellent level of comfort after that. Working extensively with the commission to ensure that we feel that safely .”

Cloobeck added: “You’ll make sure no one gets severe brain injuries going forward ?”

“That is correct,” Campbell stated. “That’s the other reason working with you and executive director [Jeff] Mullen, chairman. We put the health and safety requirements in place that are above and beyond basically what any other commission in the country would require.”

The UFC president announced that Power Slap athletes will be subject to the same medical screening and drug tests as those who compete in the UFC.

Because athletes competing in slap fighting matches are unable to defend themselves, medical professionals have already cast doubts on the overall safety of the new league.

“When it comes to the physical aspect of the martial arts, safety and defense are primary,” Nitin Agarwal, a neurosurgeon specializing in research of traumatic brain injury at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, said when speaking to The Washington Post. “By its virtue, slap boxing is an offensive sport. It has no defense.

” You can’t protect yourself with your shoulders, your hands, or your head. That’s pretty alarming .”

Nitin, a neurologist and member of The Association of Ringside Physicians said that no regulation could reduce the fighting injuries.

“I disagree with the argument that better medical supervision of this ‘sport’ shall make it safer,” Dr. Sethi told veteran boxing writer Thomas Hauser. “I am not sure what a physician is meant to supervise here other than being the overseer of concussive injuries occurring under his or her watch.”

According to Polish News, strongman Artur “Walus” Walczak was put into a medically-induced coma and died after participating in a slap fight.

Before the creation of Power Slap, slap fighting wasn’t properly regulated. Now, the commission will have a hand in slap fighting matches taking place in Nevada after helping to orchestrate a set of rules for the competition.

As part of the new rules for Power Slap, victories will be determined by knockout, TKO or judges’ decision, which will be scored on the 10-point must system just like MMA or boxing. The effectiveness of the striker, how the defense reacts and the time taken to recover from a hit will all be factors in determining points.

Fouls may also be given to strikers for things like clubbing and stepping or illegal wind-up. For blocking or flinching in the game, defenders could also face a penalty.

There are weight classes available for men and women who compete in Power Slap.

The first event will air on TBS January 1, although an exact date is not yet known.