Muhammad Mokaev was injured

Muhammad Mokaev was injured

A native of Dagestan, Muhammad Mokaev, who was scheduled to compete at UFC 286 in London on March 18, will probably have to adjust his plans due to a shoulder injury that will require surgery.

“Unfortunately, I dislocated my shoulder and will now be waiting for the operation,” the 22-year-old fighter wrote on the social network. “With your support, I will be back as soon as possible! I love you all!

“On the same day last year, I broke my arm before my UFC debut in London, and I will do everything to fight in London again. I wanted to have surgery after the fight, but now I can’t even lift my arm.”

Representing the UK, Muhammad Mokaev is undefeated and has three UFC victories to his credit, in his last bout finishing with a lever arm in the third round of Malcolm Gordon. Mokaev currently occupies the fourteenth line in the UFC flyweight division ranking.