Muhammad Mokaev turned to potential rivals

Muhammad Mokaev turned to potential rivals

The twelfth number of the UFC flyweight division, Muhammad Mokaev, spoke about how the process of recovering an injured knee is going on, shared his further professional plans, and also complained that none of the fighters ahead of him in the rating wants to take the fight with him.

“Thank you for all your posts about my knee,” the England-representing fighter wrote on the social media. “I feel like I won the title, you support me so much. The recovery is going well and I am doing my best to perform at the tournament in London. If it doesn’t work out, I will fight in August in the States.”

“Still, no one in the top ten wants to take a fight with me, even though I have one good leg. I get that they don’t want to look at the bottom of the rankings, but I’m undefeated. If they think I’m an easy match, why shouldn’t someone in the top 10 come out and stop this hype train, as they call me. I’m here”

Two weeks ago, 22-year-old Muhammad Mokaev, who won four victories in the UFC, officially asked the organization not to associate him with Russia, and to indicate only Dagestan as his place of birth.

Recall that the return of the strongest league in the world in London is scheduled for July 22.