Muay Thai legends Buakaw and Saenchai scheduled to meet in bare-knuckle ‘special rules’ fight at BKFC event in March


Muay Thai legends Buakaw Banchamek will face Suphachai “Saenchai” Saepong in an “special rules” Muay Thai bout at a BKFC Event scheduled for March 18.

Officials from BKFC announced Wednesday’s pairing, and the Middle East card is expected to be presented.

“They’ve both had legendary careers and competed in many of the most exciting Muay Thai fights in history,” BKFC president David Feldman said in a release. “Combat sport fans always had strong opinions about which fighter would win. Now they will take off the gloves and settle their scores .”

With a remarkable record that includes 241 career wins, Buakaw is widely considered one of the greatest Muay Thai practitioners in history. He’s held numerous Muay Thai titles over the course of his career while competing across multiple weight classes.

Buakaw signed with BKFC in 2022 and made a successful debut with a first-round knockout at a card in Bangkok, Thailand.

As for Saenchai, he’s put together an even more impressive resume with 327 wins in his career while becoming a five-time Lumpinee Stadium champion. His last defeat in Muay Thai competition came all the way back in 2014 and he’s only suffered a single knockout defeat in his storied career.

Now Saenchai will look to battle Buakaw in a bare-knuckle fight after he also joined the BKFC roster in 2022.